About the client

Renault is an international company with French roots, today has a presence in more than 120 countries. They design, manufacture and sell both personal and commercial vehicles, within diverse customer segments

“At the beginning of 2017, we incorporated dynamic platforms for the first time in the region. We developed a joint strategy with the media and creative agency, and Herolens, which allowed us to communicate adapted messages to each cluster in each country, achieving very good results.

I would like to highlight the flexibility of the Herolens team that provided us with 24/7 support, adapting the needs for the 4 countries. Without hesitation, we will continue to work together on the next regional campaigns!”

- Noel Castillo - America Region Advertising & Media Coordinator

The Challenge

Renault presented us their need to reinforce one of its MotorSport brand pillars linked to Formula1. They needed to communicate information acquired in real time, such as race results along with a message and personalized image per audience.

Support customized messages for each audiences

The audiences which Renault wanted to reach were Gamers, people passionate about Extreme Sports, Women and Car Lovers, who were in four different countries: Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. That is a total of 16 segments, adding a language change variable for Brazil.

A flexible context to schedule a campaign capable of taking contextual data not yet available

One of the reasons why Renault chose Herolens was because of the flexibility of the platform to embed creativities’ information in real time in a very simple way. To each one of the 16 segments the messages to communicate according to the date were:

The results of the race, information obtained in real time while running the campaign
Next race date, with a text and a special photo for each audience
Sports cars available in each market where the campaign ran

The campaign was not only about sending the right message to the right audience, but also at the right time, which added an extra variable to the campaign configuration.

Increase exponentially the capacity of the creative team

To reduce Ad Fatigue, that is, to prevent users from seeing many times the same ad and starting to ignore it, and at the same time increase the engagement per segment, more than 100 personalized messages were created. The dynamism and flexibility that Herolens added to the campaign made it possible to reduce the effort of the different partners involved in the design of the campaign and increase their production capacity.

The Approach

The orchestration with different strategic partners was essential to achieve the implementation of the campaign in just 2 weeks. This partners were:

Retargetly, a company that makes data-driven Marketing and in this case those who generated the audiences.
Publicis, a creative agency. They were in charge of designing the visual identity of the campaign.
Havas, a communication holding company. They were in charge of purchasing the media and implementing the tags so that the campaign could start running.

With the visual identity of the campaign, Herolens designed the dynamic animations. The integration of the creativities with the messages was done through a spreadsheet integrated into Herolens technology that was manipulated by Renault team. This information reflected automatically in the dynamic ads, allowing agility in communication with contextualization. We generated more than 1300 creativities, from 8 creative templates with dynamic fields and 168 messages provided programming a 5-month length campaign in less than 2 weeks of work.

Example creativity for Car Lovers.

>Example creativity for Extreme Deports Fans

Example creativity for gamers

Example creativity for women